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10:00 am  to 5:00 pm  (IST)
Montessori Practical Training- 2006 (Dubai)
Dear Students,

We are sure you have been looking forward to enrolling for the 1 week practical workshop. This year we have arranged it, at Dubai, at Hotel Astoria, Bur-Dubai, Dubai,

UAE, for the convenience, of NRI and Foreign Students.


All CERDS students and non students are welcome to attend these workshops for a deeper insight into the Montessori Methodology.


The practical workshop will give hands on experience in the use of Montessori tools. The five areas of curriculum, namely EPL, Sensorial, Language, Mathematics and Culture would be dealt with. Demonstration will cover, description, presentation, control of error, direct & indirect aim of the most commonly used tools.

There will be lectures, by experienced montessorian’s on
  • Montessori System- Principles of Montessori, Child Psychology
  • The creation of ideal Montessori environment.
  • Role of a Directress
  • Making of various albums, including cultural album, geography, botany, zoology, art, history.
  • Introduction, description and use of other learning aids, for children, like phonetic package, picture card sets, grammar package etc.
The practical workshop is aimed at equipping you fully to create, run and handle a Montessori classroom or Montessori school.

As we have only limited number of seats at each center, please register at your earliest, to avoid disappointments.

NRI and Foreign students also have the option to register for the practical workshops in India, by paying the prescribed fee as is applicable for registering for the practical workshops in India.

Please see the links schedule of programs and message from your tutor for more details.

The fee for the practical workshop is UAE Dh 1500/-. You can arrange to pay the fee online or raise an Indian Rupee bank draft or US Dollar bank draft, drawn on a reputed International Bank, in favor of “Centre for Educational Research & Developmental Studies(CERDS)", Kottayam, India. or Even wire us funds.

For Online Payment, click the link ‘Enroll Online Today’ followed by the sub link ‘cost’.

You may as well choose to wire us funds, by filing an application to your banker with our bank details. Our bank details are as follows:

    Beneficiary Bank A/c
  626 70 500 8566 (CERDS)  
  Beneficiary Bank   ICICI Bank, Kottayam
  Correspondent Bank   JP Morgan Chase Bank
  Correspondent Bank A/c No.   001-1-427374 CHIPS ULD No. 340828
  Fed. Routing No.   02100 0021
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