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Dear Students,

The system of Montessori education revolves around the Montessori Tools. The tools are effective when, the adult presents them in the right manner to the child at the most appropriate time.

The Montessori Workshop is aimed at giving you required exposure to the various Montessori tools, which will supplement the theoretical knowledge you have from the CERDS courseware.

The classes will focus on demonstration of commonly used tools in all areas of curriculum namely EPL, Sensorial, Language, Arithmetic, & Culture.
The faculty will help you make your notes, which can be used as your working manual later.

The classes will be held conveniently in the afternoons, except at Kottayam & Dubai, so that you could attend them, by making small adjustments in your busy routine.

The workshop will give you first hand experience with the Montessori tools and is a must for all those who are seriously considering a career as a Montessorian.

All CERDS students are welcome to attend this workshop.

Letís spread the Montessori Message.

Looking forward to seeing you all, at the practical classes. I conclude.

Warm Regards,

Julie James
Course Coordinator.
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